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CodeBlocks Arduino IDE 20140626 32x32 CodeBlocks Arduino IDE 20140626 Download

Downloads: 18333
Op. System:
License: Open Source
Last updated: 2015-04-10
File size: 35.62 MB

CodeBlocks Arduino IDE 20140626 screenshot

Publisher description for CodeBlocks Arduino IDE 20140626

CodeBlocks Arduino IDE is a customized app for Arduino development. The app provides you with numerous features including code foldering, code completion, code navigation and compiling as well as uploading for Arduino. The app also has a dedicated project wizard that makes it simple to create a ready-to-go Arduino project. The distribution integrates the latest Arduino core files, standard Arduino libraries, AVR toolchain, Arduino Builder and a serial terminal Key Features Include: -Dedicated project wizard for Arduino development. -Integrated Arduino core files and libraries. -Integrated pre-configured AVR compiler toolchain. -Popular Arduino boards supported as build targets. -Uploading HEX to Arduino boards (Leonardo supported) by running the build target. -Compiled core files cached for faster compiling speed (comparing to original Arduino IDE). -Arduino API-level simulator*. The developer has also included an API-level Arduino simulator, which is currently under development*. Overall, this app has been well designed with a crisp user interface and numerous features. It will be useful for both novice and professional developers.

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