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Fiddler 32x32 Fiddler Download

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License: Free
Last updated: 2015-04-27
File size: 1.13 MB

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Publisher description for Fiddler

For .NET 2 and .NET 4 developers, power users, admins, and testers, a WEB debugger named Fiddler, is available. It is usable with nearly every browser, system, and platform combination without any issue. It is a Proxy debugger, tying into any software that employs a proxy. You can debug using nearly any software to monitor traffic in and out of your machine, to and from the Internet. You can manipulate an active session on the web by establishing one or more breakpoints, allowing you to interrupt the flow to check values and settings, then continue on. You can also change the flow of the session by changing settings and values. You can decompose any complexity by generating your own requests through HTTP and recreate actions and results so that you can evaluate the events. Fiddler makes it easy to test what would normally be a tricky, difficult necessity for debugging. Fiddler does all this but insures your privacy and security as you work. You can check out any of your apps or session events, even if they are normally HTTPS, as Fiddler lets you make your own flows, decrypting HTTPS actions. As you process, your breakpoints allows you to confirm correct info in cookies, and directives for cache and or headers that carry across client and server. Myriad of prefabricated add-ons make your task simpler as you configure and customize, flexing the features that Fiddler flaunts. Through all of this the interface is simple, easy, intuitive, friendly, and, best of all superbly useful - Fiddler is fully featured. Oh, yes, it is free.

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