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Inkscape 0.91 32x32 Inkscape 0.91 Download

Downloads: 23103
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License: Open Source
Last updated: 2015-02-02
File size: 41.31 MB

Inkscape 0.91 screenshot

Publisher description for Inkscape 0.91

Inkscape competes in the vector graphics editor arena against known tools like Xara X, Freehand, CorelDraw, and Adobe Illustrator. Though not as full featured as some of its competitors, Inkscape is open-sourced, and is unique in its space as it uses SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics, as its base format. SVG is an open standard for W3C (XML-based). Other editors, such as Gimp and Photoshop, use bitmaps, or raster graphics. Inkscape uses vector format for its graphics storage. Vector graphics renders actual shapes independent of resolution. Rasterization, which is the plotting of lines and curves at any resolutions, is not limited to a pixel limit as are bitmaps. Bitmaps are limited to the pixels used. Inkscape can “convert” bitmaps to vectors. The bitmap is an object in Inkscape and subject to all of the features Inkscape can apply. Inkscape has been used to produce some deeply detailed graphics such as maps, technical diagrams, icons, web graphics, technical charts, and creative art. This variety of graphical application shows that the feature limitations of Inkscape in no way hinders its ability to produce as robustly as its full featured competition. You can move, clip, transform, and do other typical editing activities.

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