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MediaInfo 0.7.73 32x32 MediaInfo 0.7.73 Download

Downloads: 33966
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License: Open Source
Last updated: 2015-04-11
File size: 4.52 MB

MediaInfo 0.7.73 screenshot MediaInfo 0.7.73 screenshot MediaInfo 0.7.73 screenshot

Publisher description for MediaInfo 0.7.73

There are those of you who care about the track setup in a video or audio or movie files and you want to see it. Some of you want to see what codecs are being used, and want the exact details within. The configuration behind the curtain, beneath the hood, in the truck is what lights up your eyes. MediaInfo wants to be that flashlight. With it, you have certain, fast entry to this information, those hidden values, those exact details. You have the choice of the hardliner’s command line interface or the nice graphical user interface (GUI). With either you can automatically get to folders and files – quick and easy. You can run your own process scripts for media information to arrive at the view of your data that you want. To enhance these activities, MediaInfo has customizable views, quick and easy, and can be XML, or HTML, or Table, or Tree, or Simple text. Formats of XML, or CSV, or HTML, or simple text exist for data exporting. You can use or choose between GUI or Command or DLL for the marching orders. This all integrates easily and simply with Windows, so you can drag and drop, or use context menus … so many things to do. You have info and categorization on localization. You have various basic field data available: Title / author / album / director / title number / date / length/ and others. Other features: Video settings, Audio settings, text and chapter settings, and all the formats that you would need.

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