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NoMachine 4.5.0 32x32 NoMachine 4.5.0 Download

Downloads: 49082
Op. System:
License: Freeware
Last updated: 2015-04-06
File size: 28.39 MB

NoMachine 4.5.0 screenshot NoMachine 4.5.0 screenshot

Publisher description for NoMachine 4.5.0

NoMachine (what a great name) is a free tool that is a remote desktop application. It employs many powerful features. It works with many operating systems giving you the freedom to employ whatever kind you want. It has blazing fast remote link to its machine-human interface. You can collaborate with teammates or friends or both, you can share data and files, and NoMachine does this securely, regardless of the type of data or where it resides. The design allows you to work as if you were in front of your personal workstation, giving you access to all of your content and applications regardless of where you are and the PC you are using. As long as the storage is accessible by your machine you can remotely access that storage. You can print on your connected printer as if you were there. You can play games or be serious or be a reader, all remotely. Any PC or Mac that is NoMachine-enabled can be the source machine as you connect remotely. You can view any video in hi-res smoothly. Envision you are traveling light and need to get to files, data, images that reside on your home or work machine to someone else. If enabled, you sit at your friend’s machine, access NoMachine, access your machine, call up the applications and files needed, send them off to the target audience, and job done.

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