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Opera Mobile 11.00.11648 32x32 Opera Mobile 11.00.11648 Download

Downloads: 20068
Op. System:
License: Freeware
Last updated: 2015-05-01
File size: 11.28 MB

Opera Mobile 11.00.11648 screenshot

Publisher description for Opera Mobile 11.00.11648

Opera Mobile 11 is a browser for the Windows 7 platform, which can also be used on your mobile device running the same operating system. Opera Mobile has incorporated the features of the mobile version of the browser to fit a Windows environment. Opera Mobile 11 is both lightweight and functional. The new Opera Turbo feature allows you to navigate smoothly and has improved load times. The feel of Opera Mobile 11 is very good, and page scrolling using touch controls is a seamless process. A tab browsing system supports easy navigation with Opera Mobile 11, and there is also a feature that lets you search Google or other search engines next to the address bar. The really good feature of Opera Mobile 11 is the quality of the zoom. The images and text are easily readable and crisp. Other good features include a password manager, favourites support, automatic completion of addresses you type in and saved web pages for offline viewing. The standard Opera home page Speed Dial are also there. Opera Mobile 11 for the Windows 7 platform is a great option for people who rely upon mobile browsing.

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