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TrueCrypt 7.1 32x32 TrueCrypt 7.1 Download

Downloads: 116249
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License: Open Source
Last updated: 2011-09-02
File size: 3.31 MB

TrueCrypt 7.1 screenshot TrueCrypt 7.1 screenshot TrueCrypt 7.1 screenshot

Publisher description for TrueCrypt 7.1

TrueCrypt provides initial and continual encryption of all of your data on any of your storage drives. This encryption occurs “on the fly”, meaning that as you write the content to storage on a save or move TrueCrypt applies its encryption to the content. Vice versa, when accessing an encrypted file from encrypted storage, TrueCrypt decrypts the file for your personal use. This happens without your intervention. Any access to your encrypted data must have an access key password for the encrypt / decrypt key. This thwarts any illegal access or stealing of your data. No key means no translation means useless. When the encrypted data is displayed it shows as a continual array of random numbers. TrueCrypt encrypts your entire system for you. You can configure TrueCrypt to specify what to encrypt and what to not. This app is considered to be the best solution to keep data safe in the event of a stolen device. Again, no key, no data. What TrueCrpyt does is make a virtual disk that is encrypted that is itself a file, and shows it as a mounted disk that is real to your system. You can have TrueCrypt encrypt external storage on devices, like a USB. The encryption renders the definition of volumes and drives and partitions unreadable to any invasive threat. The threat cannot install itself or steal usable info – it cannot figure what is data and what is not. No longer enhanced as of May, 2014.

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