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VLC Media Player 2.1.3 (32-bit) 32x32 VLC Media Player 2.1.3 (32-bit) Download

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License: Open Source
Last updated: 2014-02-05
File size: 23.53 MB

VLC Media Player 2.1.3 (32-bit) screenshot VLC Media Player 2.1.3 (32-bit) screenshot VLC Media Player 2.1.3 (32-bit) screenshot

Publisher description for VLC Media Player 2.1.3 (32-bit)

Ever wonder what the most popular video media player is? VLC Media Player (VLC) is. Since 2001 VLC has been the top-dog FREE media player. Its author, VideoLAN, released it as a project and as an organization it continues to improve VLC with a steady stream of releases from consistent, pervasive development. To quote the industry, “VLC Media Player is quite simply the most versatile, stable and high quality free media player available.” Competitors such as Real Media Player, QuickTime, and Windows suffered from codec and incompatibility issues with several file types for music and videos. VLC has taken all of it in stride. VLC boasts the most capable and versatile playback of multi formats. You can get a complete list to review if you wish. As VideoLAN is a non-profit org, it has no boundaries to VLC growth. As an open-source tool, VLC has many contributors to its code via VideoLAN. Plays any video or music file type – it was an unknown calm in the beginning when nearly all other media players were constantly getting error messages or simply crashing when playing media files. VLC can do partial playback incomplete files or partial files, allowing viewing before a file completely downloads. The VLC UI is not the prettiest but is the most feature filled. Also, the UI is the easiest to use, allowing you to play files by drag and drop, you can open files the same way, store and search across folders. It has all of the typical navigation buttons plus some features that are not so typical. You can change the facing page’s appearance, altering the skin as you will. But, as simple and easy to use as VLC is, never think of it as a low-end tool. VLC is chock-full of advanced features and play / player options. Multiple pre-sets in a graphical equalizer, including special effects and overlays. Uses AtmoLight video effects, custom settings for range compression and audio spatializer. Add subtitles to videos via SRT file addition to the video’s folder. And with all of these features and capabilities, VLC is still the most stable, highest quality, most versatile and feature-laden media player available. Oh, did I mention that is was free, and open-source, and the best all around.

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