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eMule 0.50b Beta 1 32x32 eMule 0.50b Beta 1 Download

Downloads: 140581
Op. System:
License: Open Source
Last updated: 2015-03-23
File size: 3.06 MB

eMule 0.50b Beta 1 screenshot eMule 0.50b Beta 1 screenshot

Publisher description for eMule 0.50b Beta 1

Ever hear of someone doing freeware for fun and knowledge? Not for Money? eMule is the one! A file-sharing client, eMule is a sidebar of eDonkey 2000, which is a network client, but eMule goes beyond the standard for a client and has many additional features. ED2K, Source Exchange, and Kad are networks that can be combined into one single network, more reliable, more powerful that they are separately. Kad has been put into open test phase. As a fun freeware, the authors have kept it sterile of spyware, adware, and similar crap. eMule has a Credit system and Queue to guarantee you get the file you seek and promote all who contribute by uploading to eMule. Each file is confirmed to be free of corruption and threat. It either is found eMule employs its Intelligent Corruption Control to fix the bad parts in the fastest way possible. You can have many downloads going at once without having to watch each one. You have automatic and sourcing priority features for that. You can view any item while being download, even a video or an archive. eMule uses its Video Lan Client feature for this. You get web-services and a webserver to give you fast access to and from the Internet. Your networked networks give you a superior search capability both globally and locally, using FileDonkey and Jigle, and, again, Kad, which is still under test. Your Boolean searches can be as complex as necessary, giving you added flexibility when you go hunting. eMule also improve your “chat-ability”, expanding your connections to other eMule Clients and lets you generate a friends list of them, letting you know when any are online. eMule’s built-in IRC client gives you chat access to anyone you can connect to from around the world, even if they are just downloading.

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