How To Choose The Right Dog For You

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This 180 page multi-media ebook, on choosing the right dog breed, is fun, interactive and educational. Learn about different breeds and how they may or may not fit yours or your families lifestyle. In addition to providing important selection criteria for each of the selected breeds, The How To choose The Right Dog Multi-media edition has illustrations and photographs. Each page turns like a real book which makes reading a pleasure because its more natural than standard documents. You will refer to this ebook over and over not only for its rich content and graphics but for the interactive links to important sites about dog breeding, care and grooming, food and diet and physical exercise necessary for each breed. The How To choose The Right Dog Multi-media edition combines visual and textual elements to provide you with a complete view of your selected breed. For example, there are numerous questions you need to answer before you select a dog breed such as: The size of the dog Where will the dog be housed? Do you want an active dog, or a couch potato? The amount of time youre willing to spend on grooming What type of coat would you prefer long or short? The amount of money youre willing to spend Are you going to train the dog? Is exercising the dog going to be a problem Is the dog going to be left alone for most of the day? How much space yard space etc. do you have to spare Do you have children, especially young babies or toddlers? Do you have other pets? Why do you want a dog? Have you ever owned a dog before this? Are you looking for special traits and characteristics in your dog? Where do you live climate-wise that is Are you looking for a purebred dog, or a mixed breed dog The cuteness factor Are you allergic to dogs If you have never owned a dog before you may not even think of some of the more important aspects of dog ownership and care. These items only scratch the surface of the content of this ebook. On the dog breeds section of the ebook, each of the selected breeds has the following details: Male and Female dimensions and average weights. Temperament-(This is how this particular breed interacts with the immediate family and friends) Energy level (This is important to know especially if you are unable to walk or play with the dog outside) Necessary exercise (Could your selected breed be happy in an apartment or other confined area?) Grooming (Important if you intend to groom the dog yourself) Bred as ( What are the common traits of the breed and historically what were they bred for) There is much more to this graphically enhanced version that you wont find in similar ebooks that make it worthwhile. This edition is exclusive to This edition provides a free demo download to see if its right for you.

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